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Boomer's Last Stand

by Pat O'Bryan and Friends

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Tell Me the Truth i can hear the distant thunder wonder whose spell you’re under don’t lie to me lightning flashes and you look at your phone girl, you just got home don’t lie to me it ain’t gonna work if you ain’t trying is it the rain, or are you crying don’t lie to me look me in the eye, say it true hey, it’s me, you be you don’t lie to me tell me the truth, don’t try to fake it tell me the truth, i can take it just tell me how you feel tell me the truth and I’ll believe are you gonna stay or are you gonna leave baby, just be real hey, wipe those tears, dry your eyes tell me the truth or tell me goodbye don’t lie to me tell me it’s over if that’s how you feel i can take it as long as it’s real don’t lie to me chorus lead chorus out
Life During Plague Time cool desert night, silver moon stars so close you can touch days just follow each other nothin changes much then the shit hits the fan and there’s nowhere to stand and you can’t believe it’s true it’s a once in a lifetime end of the world and it’s happening to you you need some good information you need someone to believe you need a gun, or somewhere to run to you wanna hide, you want to leave and the president says it’s no big deal but you know that president lies every time that president moves his lips innocent people die it’s grandpa’s old depression happening at the speed of light it’s xanax and tequila you still can’t sleep at night you put on your mask and gloves do what you can to survive hope like hell the people you love will make it out alive
Chicago 04:49
Chicago Halstead Street in a smoky bar a ghost straps on an old guitar takes one last drag on his cigarette settles in for the final set a shot of whiskey, a hidden gun a flash of lightning on highway 61 In chicago he hits a lick like a lightning flash sings a story of a one car crash taking flight on a freeway ramp smell the fear coming off his amp you can almost see that t-bird flying you can hear his guitar crying in chicago lays his guitar in a battered case wipes the sweat running down his face he drinks one last round, shakes one more hand decides to leave while he still can he leaves the blues hanging in the air they wait for you. you’ll find them there in chicago
Satisfied 04:12
Satisfied the night you said it was over do you remember how I cried when your tears fall the way mine fall now then, i’ll be satisfied you can’t say i didn’t love you you can’t say i didn’t try and on the day you’re as lonely as I am now then, i’ll be satisfied all the time we spent together everything that we’ve been through the way you touched me deep inside that’s the way i’ll always love you so don’t you ask me to take you back you know I never lie when you’re as hungry for love as I am tonight then, I’ll be satisfied.
Burn It Down 04:30
BURN IT DOWN I let her off at the station she turned and walked away there was nothing i could do about it nothing i could say the girl’s not gonna change her mind she’s gonna leave it all behind no way to turn it round burn it down my mind says let her go my heart keeps saying no my pride won’t let me beg her to return it’s over now just let it burn i got whiskey on this table to help ease the pain i got this 45 pistol if it starts hurtin’ again got a hole in my life just about her size got no questions about the goodbye in her eyes no way to turn it round burn it down chorus i can’t make her love me i can’t make her stay i can’t find where love goes when love goes away no way to turn it round just burn it down ain’t no way to turn it round i know there ain’t no way, ain’t no way to turn it round baby, just burn it down.
D’ya Ever Feel Like That this old world keeps on spinnin’ sun rise and set every day it is what it is, it ain’t what it ain’t, and it can’t be any other way d’ya ever feel like that d’ya ever feel like that it gonna do what it do, it don’t care about you d’ya ever feel like that? you’re in the mood for lovin’ so you give your lover a kiss the look on your face is sayin’ home base but, it’s just a swing and a miss d’ya ever feel like that d’ya ever feel like that i don’t suppose you can take back the roses d’ya ever feel like that they use sex to sell you toothpaste they use sex to sell you cars what you should think, what beer to drink when you’re drinkin’ alone in a bar d’ya ever feel like that d’ya ever feel like that it’s a bait and a switch, and ain’t it a bitch d’ya ever feel like that d’ya ever feel like that d’ya ever feel like that it’s a bitch and half, you might as well laugh d’ya ever feel like that.
Nikki put the knife down Hey Nikki put the knife down Nikki put the knife down that girl ain’t worth the time, you’ll get 20 years that girl ain’t worth a dime, she ain’t worth the tears listen up, i’m talking to you do not do what you’re trying to do Nikki put the knife down Nikki put the knife down Hey,Nikki put the knife down Nikki put that knife down you can hardly walk, you been drinking you’re gonna get yourself killed man, what are you thinking you knew she was loose, this ain’t the first time she played you for a fool, it ain’t worth the crime Nikki put the knife down Nikki put the knife down Nikki put that knife down let’s grab some coffee, talk this thing over no need to do time, you can find another lover just cut her loose, you know she’s a mess you know you don’t wanna get blood on that dress Nikki put the knife down Nikki put the knife down Nikki put the knife down Nikki put that knife down Nikki put the knife down Nikki put the knife down
In My Arms Again it’s a time of beginnings. it was dark as night i was standing alone when you walked into the light I had eyes for you only see, i’d almost died from lonely but from our first kiss i knew that it was right and it hasn’t been easy we’re both strong, slow to give in compromise and desire words burn like fire you kiss me, my world starts to spin you’re in my arms again there were others before you sweet temptation, dancing and wine they were never as real as they seemed at the time Chorus talking, loving, by the fire under the stars time could stop and the world could end as long as I’m there where you are and you’re in my arms again I know you’ve had lovers babe, their ghosts are just like old friends and I hope they’re smiling when you’re in my arms again cause nothin else ever mattered, you’re in my arms again
Shut The Fuck Up see, I work all day and it gets me down got to pay the cost to live in this town when i get home, baby’s fit to be tied swear that woman’s never satisfied shut the fuck up shut the fuck up all the girl does is talk, talk, talk makes me want to just walk, walk, walk she don’t cook no dinner she don’t wash no clothes one of these days, one of us goes shut the fuck up shut the fuck up someday i’m gonna get in my car see what it means to go too far beach and a sunset, bottle of wine and a girl who don’t talk all the time shut the fuck up shut the fuck up shut the fuck up shut the fuck up


All original Blues Rock written and recorded with a rockin' all-star band during the pandemic of 2020. Carolyn Wonderland, of John Mayall's band guests, along with Beppe Facchetti, of the Italian Blues stars "SuperDownhome."

European blues diva, Elizabeth Lee provides vocals on "Satisfied," and other BG harmonies.

Pat wrote and recorded this album in the kitchen of his solar powered off-the-grid cabin near Terlingua, Texas, and then shipped files all over the world from Italy to Austin so the guest stars could add their parts.


released December 9, 2020

Beppe Facchetti, all Drums and Percussion.
Carolyn Wonderland, Lead Guitar on "She looks just like you."
Elizabeth Lee, Lead Vocals on "Satisfied," and BG vocals.
Larry Chaney, Lead Guitar on "Satisfied."
Chase Peeler, Sax on "In My Arms Again."
Allan McGinty, Bass on "Nikki Put The Knife Down."
Pat O'Bryan, Everything Else

Drums recorded by Michele Marelli, Monolith Studio, Brescia, Italy
Elizabeth and Larry recorded by Larry at Jamb Kitchen Studio, Dripping Springs, Tx.
Chase recorded by Chase, somewhere in Colorado
Carolyn recorded by Carolyn, in Austin, Tx.


all rights reserved



Pat O'Bryan Terlingua, Texas

Texas Blues/Rock artist Pat O'Bryan has shared stages with Stevie Ray Vaughan, B.B. King, Hubert Sumlin, Kim Wilson, Johnny Winter, Carolyn Wonderland, and many others in his career.

New CD, Boomer's Last Stand, coming late 2020
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